Name Nava Barenji
Mailing Address

Rochester, NY, United States

Degree BA
Alzahra University, 2016
Second Degree MFA
Rochester Institute of Technology
Professional Affiliation
Research/Current Projects My artwork takes a critical view of social, political, and cultural issues on the representation and perception of women. Through painting, I address my own experiences and observations of women that have been under oppression and bounded from human rights for centuries. Art became an appropriate way to be an activist and declare my protest against sexual discrimination in the world. I want to show women as the symbol of power as well as what is forbidden for me to paint in my country, including social criticism and nude figures. I am inspired by Persian art and Miniatures. The invasion of Persian culture by Islamic and Arabic culture and how this affected women in the society became essential for me to pull on this history and tell the story through a contemporary lens, taking these traditional and mythological elements and using them to talk about current issues. The aesthetics of these works are intended to entice viewers to enter into images and environments that deal with the bitter reality of what is occurring in contemporary Iranian culture today. The rich culture and art of my country and keeping it alive has been fundamental inspirations to my creative practice.
Time Period Interests
Area Interests
Media Interests Monoprinting, Relief printing, Screenprinting
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