APS is a group for print enthusiasts that brings together the diverse print community: curators, collectors, academics, graduate students, artists, paper conservators, critics, independent scholars, and dealers. APS’s goals are to facilitate dialogue among its members and encourage innovative print scholarship.

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Edgar Degas: The Private Impressionist – Works on Paper by the Artist and His Circle

Lightner Museum, Saint Augustine, FL, United States. 04/12/2019- 06/16/2019.
Exhibiting artist(s): Edgar Degas, Mary Cassatt, Édouard Manet, Jean Leon Gerome, Alfred Stevens, Camille Pissarro, Paul Cézanne.

Helen Frankenthaler Prints: Seven Types of Ambiguity

Princeton University Art Museum, Princeton, NJ, United States. 06/29/2019- 10/20/2019.

Rembrandt to Picasso: Five Centuries of European Works on Paper

Lisa Small.
Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn, NY, United States. 06/21/2019- 10/13/2019.

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