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Thoughts on the DH@CC Summer Institute, May 2016

I applied to be a fellow for the DH@CC (Digital Humanities at the Claremont Colleges) summer workshop to learn how my work in digital art was similar to and different from digital humanities. I assumed that the tools would be similar and that their applications would be different. Although this is true in part, the biggest differences are the emphases on re-imagining working with writing and text more than images and creating strategies to integrate visual media into new forms of learning.

In addition to informative speaker presentations by Patty Ahn, Jonathan Alexander, Eric Loyer, and Miriam Posner, the group participated in workshops (thank you Ashley and Craig!) introducing us to the uses and functions of new platforms including Scalar, Omeka, Tableau and building story maps in Esri. Each of these software provides tools that enhance the production of knowledge in specific ways: Tableau=data visualization; Scaler=latest and greatest for multi media websites; Omeka=cataloging and curating objects; Esri story maps=mapping. These speakers and tools might be of interest and value to many of you in APS.

What is my biggest take away (and challenge) aside from being excited to work with Scalar and Esri in more depth? To find ways to integrate the pedagogy/conversations of DH into my digital art classes. To add another layer of knowledge creation that bridges digital art (or put your discipline here) with digital humanities. It has given me a lot to think about not to mention to “tweet” about!

Nancy Macko
Professor of Art
Scripps College
May, 2016
Relevant research areas: Contemporary