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The Great Graphic Boom: Amerikansk grafikk 1960-1990

Around 1960, many artists began to shift away from the expressionism of the New York school. Pop art plundered the era’s popular and consumer culture, while minimalism reduced everything to a system of abstract, repetitive shapes.

Works by twenty-three artists are presented. Barnett Newman’s major Cantos series (1964) and Agnes Martin’s On a Clear Day (1973) are important touchstones, as are Robert Rauschenberg’s use of found visual material and Jasper Johns’ exploration of everyday objects. Other highlights include woodcuts by Helen Frankenthaler and Donald Judd, Roy Lichtenstein’s Brushstroke (1965), and Andy Warhol’s portraits of celebrities and his series of Campbell’s soup cans.

Relevant research areas: North America, 20th Century