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Setup4, Issue 4 – Artists’ Books in Theory and Practice

The third issue of, the online-magazine of the Research Association Artist´s Publications is devoted to the special phenomena of the artist’s book. To address this artistic medium in all its diversity, we have undertaken to offer a range different perspectives. Many of the text contributions are lectures given at a conference and a symposium in New York City and Berlin, respectively. This edition of setup4 thus not only represents a documentation of the two events, but is also the result of an international collaboration: between Anne Thurmann-Jajes of the Centre for Artists’ Publications at the Weserburg, and Tony White of the Metropolitan Museum of Art – the book’s two editors.

Content (English and German):

Anne Thurmann-Jajes
The Artist Book as a ‘Performative’ Act

Annette Gilbert
The Gomringer Variant

Tony White
Furthering the Critical Dialogue

Russet Lederman
In the Shadow of Ed Ruscha

Ian McDermott
That Was Then, This Is Now

Anne Thurmann-Jajes
Ed Ruscha and his Significance for the Developement of the Artist´s Book

Tony White
BLUEPRINT: Collecting artists’ books?

Eva Linhart
Künstlerbücher im Museum Angewandte Kunst

Anne Thurmann-Jajes
Über das Sammeln

Béatrice Hernad
Die Sammlung der Maler- und Künstlerbücher der Bayerischen

Wolfgang Schlott
Mediale Kollisionen

Peter Sämann
Artists´ Books and Africa

Katrin von Maltzahn
Artists as Independent Publishers

Peter Sämann
Boekie Woekie in Reykjavik

Peter Sämann
Concept and Idea in Art Freiburg
Relevant research areas: North America, Western Europe, Africa, Book arts