Professional Affiliation
Research/Current Projects Independent researcher working in the antiques trade, specifically writing about Chinese Export Art in the long 18th century. Currently looking at European Subject designs painted on Chinese export porcelain and other materials, and establishing a comprehensive database of the print sources for these designs. The number of such designs is of the order of 1,000 to 1,500 and most of the print sources remain to be identified. The porcelain and works of arts were hand made in China for a Western market, European Subject items (not including armorials) were made from about 1690 to the 19th century. The image sources are extremely varied and date from the mid 16th century to the 19th century. The sources include masterprints, medals, banknotes, book and newspaper illustrations and a wide range of ornament prints, often with modifications and rearrangement to fit a different framing. In most cases a model image was taken by a Western agent to China and presented to the Chinese potters and enamellers for copying. The search is widespread and success is often more by luck and than skill.
Time Period Interests Baroque, 18th Century
Area Interests North America, Western Europe, East Asia
Media Interests Book arts, Engraving