Name Shijia Yu
Mailing Address

Degree PhD in History of Art
Birkbeck, University of London, 2020
Professional Affiliation
Research/Current Projects My PhD research focuses on the origin and evolution of the paper peepshow in nineteenth-century England. I am particularly interested in situating the paper peepshow in the print culture of this period and stress the intermediality between this medium with other visual and optical entertainments, from the panorama to the theatre. Also of importance to my project is incorporating the embodied, hands-on experience of the researcher into scholarship. I argue that through analysing the paper peepshow, not only can we gain new understanding of this print ephemeral, but we can also develop more insight into the socio-cultural life of their users, the nineteenth-century middle classes. More generally, I am interested in the various forms of interaction and manipulation that people had with different kinds of prints in the nineteenth century.
Time Period Interests 19th Century
Area Interests Western Europe
Media Interests