Name Sandra De Rycker
Mailing Address

Degree BA in Visual Arts and Spanish
Staffordshire University
Second Degree MA in Art History and Museum Studies
University of Cincinnati
Third Degree PhD in Current / In progress
University of Edinburgh and University of St Andrews (in collaboration with Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio), Current / In progress
Professional Affiliation Editions Manager, Dundee Contemporary Arts, Print Studio, Scotland, U.K.
Second Professional Affiliation Doctoral Researcher (in partnership with Dundee Contemporary Arts), University of Edinburgh and University of St Andrews
Third Professional Affiliation Scottish Graduate School for Arts and Humanities (SGSAH)
Research/Current Projects My PhD research examines Dundee Contemporary Arts Print Studio environment and practice, considering the role that collaboration, participation and process play in the conceptual development of prints. Using methods of participation in and observation of the studio’s projects, and analysing its archives, I will ask whether an anthropological approach may illuminate the collaborative nature of print. By approaching printmaking as a social endeavour and examining its linguistic structures, this project will explore, document and disseminate what happens during the creative print process, repositioning collaborative printing as a progressive, contemporary, and conceptually rigorous practice.
Time Period Interests Contemporary
Area Interests
Media Interests