Degree MFA in Printmaking & Intermedia
University of Iowa, 2010
Second Degree MA in Printmaking & Drawing
University of Iowa, 2009
Third Degree BA in Art History & Human and Organizational Development
Vanderbilt University, 2003
Professional Affiliation Associate Professor of Art, Printmaking & Book Arts, Whitman College
Research/Current Projects My prints, artists’ books, and installations constitute a process-based inquiry into how humans encode (and decode) their fraught relationship with the natural world. My work interrogates how the book form can both enable and undercut humans’ active role in constructing and idealizing landscape. My most recent works are comprised of inkjet printed, large-scale book installations that force the viewer to negotiate the tension between text, image, and form. I am interested in interrogating the tradition of landscape photography and the tension between beautiful, picturesque images of nature and the near-constant threat of environmental change. Using the book form in experimental formats, these artworks reconsider how we read and access information, as well as how we reproduce, represent, and disseminate text and images. Rather than a fixed site or single image, the fragmented columns, pages, and text engage nature as an accumulation of processes, perceptions, and narratives – a dynamic and shifting site open for perpetual interpretation. By referencing the encyclopedic, the 19th-century panorama, and the Romantic painting tradition, these large-scale installations invoke older modes of image-based representation. These works highlight the inaptness of these tropes in an increasingly fast-paced world. 
Time Period Interests Contemporary
Area Interests
Media Interests Book arts, Collograph, Digital printmaking, Etching, Letterpress, Lithography, Monoprinting, Papermaking, Relief printing, Screenprinting