Name Krystle Farrugia
Phone +35699832908
Mailing Address

8, Kapama, Triq Bir il-Ljun
Rabat, Malta RBT1363

Degree MA in History of Art
University of Malta, 2012
Second Degree MA in MA in Literary Tradition and Popular Culture
University of Malta, 2017
Third Degree PhD in School of Advanced Study, Institute of English Studies
Candidate, University of London, 2018-ongoing
Professional Affiliation Curator, Fine Arts, MUŻA, National Art Museum, Malta
Second Professional Affiliation Committee member, Malta Map Society
Research/Current Projects
  • PhD Candidate - 'The Print Collection of Count Saverio Marchese (1757-1833)'
This doctoral project aims to be the first significant study of old master prints in Malta, specifically through the print collection of Saverio Marchese, a man of letters, poet, writer, art historian and art collector whose collection led to the founding of the Mdina Cathedral Museum. The collection amounts to approximately 4,500 prints, from all European schools, between the 15th and the 19th centuries. Only the exhibited Durer prints have ever been studied. The research involves cataloguing the collection, studying the 12 extant albums from which the prints were removed, and analysing the purchase inventory which holds much information on the European print market.
  • Co-Lead Curator, Learning about old master drawings through the National Collection at MUŻA - funded by the Getty Foundation's 'The Paper Project' initiative, in collaboration with the Malta Study Center at the Hill Museum and Manuscript Library
This digital project will involve a thorough study of the National Collection of old master drawings at MUŻA to update the available information about them and their attributions. The final outcome will be an educational microsite which explores materials and techniques, provenance, styles and periods, functions, and subject matter of old master drawings using works by Vittore Carpaccio, Federico Zuccaro, Guercino, Mattia Preti, Francois Boucher, Adrien Manglard, Anoine Favray and others. This educational project will be accompanied by online and in-person workshops which together aim to teach local students about the field of drawings.
  • Independent project - Incunabula in Malta
This is a project led by Italian scholars which traces incunabula in Malta to collect data, catalogue them, include their details in the MEI and ISTC databases, and issue a publication. Apart from the collection of 63 incunabula at the National Library, most incunabula in Malta are hidden in convents and church libraries of the many religious orders.
  • Independent project - Looking for prints and drawings at the National Library
Given that books of many art-collecting knights of the Order of St John passed to the Order’s library between the 16th and 18th centuries, one expects that the National Library of Malta has among its shelves bound volumes of prints and drawings. A look at the library’s catalogues reveals what prints one can encounter, including works by Stefano Della Bella, Jacques Callot, Giovanni Volpato and Francesco Bartolozzi. Drawings are harder to find. This project will involve finding the prints listed in catalogues while looking for other bound series and albums of prints and drawings. Provenance details will be recorded to identify collectors in Malta and create a wider picture of the market for prints and drawings on the island and in Europe.
Time Period Interests Medieval, Renassiance, Baroque, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, Contemporary
Area Interests North America, Western Europe
Media Interests Book arts, Collograph, Digital printmaking, Engraving, Etching, Letterpress, Lithography, Monoprinting, Papermaking, Relief printing, Screenprinting
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