Degree MFA in School of Art
Texas Tech University, 2000
Professional Affiliation Professor of Art, Midwestern State University
Research/Current Projects Artist Statement I am a mixed media artist working in printmaking, painting, drawing, and photography. I grew up between the Wichita Mountains in Oklahoma and the White Mountain Apache Indian Reservation in Arizona. I approach my art with a love and concern for nature. As an image maker, I’m very much interested in ideas about landscape, the environment and how religion can play a role in the way people might value nature. Often in my work I make use of religious illustrations during periods of Biblical history in which God relates to human beings through covenants. I use the illustrations as relics in the landscape whose language is lost or can only be accessed by people studied in their dialect. Another common theme in my artwork is wildlife conservation. In many of my artworks, I will include the conservation status of the species/subject I am rendering within the title of the artwork or symbolized by color dots. For example, critically endangered is symbolized by the use of a red dot in the composition. Critically endangered could mean that the species/subject is considered in danger of becoming extinct or it could mean there is not enough research to evaluate its current existence status and it is already lost to the world. The colored dots fall on the landscape playing a role in both the compositions harmony and disruption.
Time Period Interests Renassiance, 18th Century, 19th Century, 20th Century, Contemporary
Area Interests North America, South America, Eastern Europe, South Asia, East Asia, Africa, Australia
Media Interests Etching, Monoprinting, Screenprinting
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