Name Carol Barbour
Mailing Address

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Degree MA in History of Art
University of Toronto, 2014
Second Degree BA in Visual Studies and History of Art
University of Toronto
Third Degree PhD
University of London, Warburg Institute, First Year
Professional Affiliation Independent Scholar, Formerly Gallery and Exhibits Curator, TD Gallery, Toronto Public Library, 2004-2017
Second Professional Affiliation Postgraduate Student, Warburg Institute
Research/Current Projects Emblem Books. Allegorical Iconography. Pictorial cycles. Migration of allegory. Diachronic and geographical variation. Resonance and reproduction. Artistic innovation and literary sources. Specific projects: Georgette de Montenay's emblem book illustrated by Pierre Woeriot; The Tabula Cebetis (The Conduct of Human Life); Personification of Fortuna/Occasio; Antoine Sucquet's Via Vita Aeterna illustrated by Boethius Bolswert. Media: Drawing, print, painting, books and decorative art. Location: France, Italy, Low Countries.
Time Period Interests Medieval, Renassiance, Baroque
Area Interests Western Europe
Media Interests Book arts, Engraving, Etching, Letterpress
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