Degree MA in History of Art
University of Toronto, 2014
Second Degree BA in Visual Studies and History of Art
University of Toronto
Third Degree PhD
Professional Affiliation Formerly Gallery and Exhibits Curator, TD Gallery, Toronto Public Library, 2004-2017
Second Professional Affiliation Postgraduate Student
Research/Current Projects The Tradition and Transmission of the Tabula Cebetis, ca. 1500 to 1600. This research project seeks to identify the visual strategies deployed by artists and their collaborators to create the iconography of the Tabula Cebetis. Since the painting described in the text of the Tabula Cebetis is lost, it would seem as though artists had invented the iconography. How did they imagine the design, and what factors influenced their artistic decisions? Many of the case studies are done by anonymous artists, while others are by better known known artists such as  Lambert Sustris, Henrick Goltzius, and Jan Söns. As will be shown in this research project, the various case studies range from book format to large panoramic wall hanging, and therefore the scale, materials and media influence the evolution of the iconography. In addition to material analysis, this study also considers the role of artistic agency, and the invention of iconography from a literary ekphrastic source. As will be shown, social networks, cultural factors, and artistic inventiveness affected the transmission of the iconography over the course of the sixteenth century.  
Time Period Interests Medieval, Renassiance, Baroque
Area Interests Western Europe
Media Interests Book arts, Engraving, Etching, Letterpress
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