Name Anthea Black
Mailing Address

CA, United States

Degree MFA in Fine Arts
Western University, 2012
Professional Affiliation Assistant Professor, Printmedia and Graduate Fine Arts, California College of the Arts
Research/Current Projects
  • The New Politics of the Handmade: Craft, Art, Design anthology featuring 23 international scholars and artists out now from Bloomsbury Press.
  • The HIV Howler: Transmitting Art and Activism artist newspaper is traveling with the Independent Curators International exhibition "Publishing Against the Grain."
  • Reprinting the UNESCO Status of the Artist Archive, 1980-2020 letterpress fellowship project at Kala Art Institute reinterprets this historical piece of international policy on artist's role in society.
  • "In-the-making: Queer Publishing and Transpedagogy" article released in Art Journal, Special Issue on Trans Studies, ed. Ace Lehner, 2021.
  • "The Embodied Press: Queer Abstraction and the Artist Book" forthcoming article and touring exhibition featuring 10 artists working in the book form, Mary E Black Gallery, Halifax, Nova Scotia. March 2023.
Time Period Interests 20th Century, Contemporary
Area Interests
Media Interests Book arts, Letterpress