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International Academic Printmakers Alliance 3rd International Printmaking Biennale

This year, due to the developing global epidemic, "International Academic Printmaking Alliance" and the International Printmaking Institute of Central Academy of Fine Arts overcame many difficulties and successfully organized this online exhibition. We have invited artists from more than 40 academies in nearly 30 countries around the world to participate in the exhibition, with an increase of more than 10 academies over the previous two exhibitions, and with more than 470 pieces of printmaking works including installations and other new forms of arts, representing the latest level of international printmaking development. At the same time, an academic symposium was also held, in which more than 30 printmaking scholars and artists from all over the world will conduct academic discussions and exchanges through online conference meetings. Providing a brand new platform for exchanges and exhibitions for Chinese and foreign artists in this special period is of great significance for the prosperity of print art and the market, improving the level of creation and appreciation, and enhancing the artistic influence of prints.

To view this exhibition virtually please use the external link below.

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  1. 你好,我是南加州的版畫家,與 Hartmut Frielinghaus 一起為 Horst Janssen 工作。由於我們每年都在上海度過,所以我想與上海的版畫家們交流。

    Ludwig Mohr

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