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Impressions by Land

An exhibition of California landscapes by Bay Area printmaker Karen Gallagher Iverson.

Hovering at the intersection of print and drawing these emotive landscapes play with visual perception, place, time and fictitious vantages.

Throughout history, visual artists have embraced the representational format - chief among them landscape - to illuminate the shifting contemporaneous viewpoints, philosophies, and discoveries of the time. The styles and visual perspectives of each period are examples of artists emboldening what may appear a simple depictive art form with the fresh thoughts of humanity. Gallagher Iverson approaches the California landscape in 'Impressions by Land' with a similar mission.

Pushing against the boundaries of printmaking and the act of drawing, the vast system of resists, screens and hidden reversals inherent in printmaking intersect with drawing materials and methods . A harmony between digital technologies, fabrication machinery, wax medium & traditional colored pastel is found in the creation of these visceral scenes.

On view at Manna Gallery in Oakland, California from January 5th through February 10th with an opening reception January 13th.