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For Art’s Sake: The Aesthetic Movement in Print & Beyond, 1870-1890

Published to accompany the exhibition "For Art's Sake: The Aesthetic Movement in Print & Beyond 1870-1890, From the Collection of Eric Holzenberg," (January 26-March 11 2017). Foreword and Introduction by Eric Holzenberg, followed by descriptions of 129 books, prints and other objects displaying the exceptional artistry and wit of the Aesthetic Movement, the unique mix of medievalism and japonisme that captivated Oscar Wilde, inspired William Morris, and dominated the decorative arts in the period 1870-1890. The exhibition and catalogue explore, in unprecedented breadth and depth, the important role of print media in the development and spread of Aesthetic ideals in applied art of all kinds, including architecture, interior design, and the book arts. Designed by Jerry Kelly.

Relevant research areas: Western Europe, 19th Century