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DecamerONline, a pop-up project of the USC Levan Institute of the Humanities working group, "Books, Writing and Community," March-June 2020.
Our USC Levan Institute working group, “Books, Writing and Community," is developing a new and we hope useful online presence in this strange and isolating time: a platform called “DECAMERONline” in which members of our community take turns telling stories, as did the original protagonists of Boccaccio’s Decameron, to pass the days while they were in flight from the plague in Trecento Florence. Our stories wouldn’t be bawdy pieces à la Boccaccio, but bits of our writing and thinking that we’d like to continue working on in these coming days and weeks (as we might have produced –and I hope still will-- in our collective “writing times”). Writing from our various perspectives as musicians and musicologists, journalists and librarians, historians, art historians and curators, we will regularly offer texts, together with a posted response and an invitation for online comments, as ways to build shared communal life even as we stay at home.