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Catalogue Raisonné of Picasso Posters

Miguel Orozco's Catalogue Raisonné of Picasso Posters is quite different from previous compendiums of his affiches. It contains 412 posters included in the Czwiklitzer DTV catalogue, which in total has 475 entries. But the Orozco catalogue gives full entries to 31 'subordinate' posters that in the German catalogue appear as letters accompanying the main entry, i.e., the first poster of the series. This means that the present compendium uses in fact only 381 'main' Czwiklitzer DTV entries and discards 94 Czwiklitzer posters, not counting the 'subordinate' posters we have not included. And it only oncludes 346 out of the total 630 posters contained in the Rodrigo catalogue, leaving out some 280 of them. None of the posters left out has any intrinsic artistic value.

The main objective, the main contribution the Orozco book makes is to put the emphasis on the main, the noble Picasso posters, providing as far as possible a description of Picasso's involvement and telling the story of the work. It also incorporates some 100 additional items, not counted in the total of 947 main entries, which seek to clarify and or support the value of the poster or to explain the origin of the illustration used. It also unveils over one hundred posters not covered by either Czwiklitzer or Rodrigo. It uncovers many Picasso poster projects that had not been tackled by the catalogues raisonnés. They undoubtedly have an interest in the study of Picasso's poster making endeavours. And last but not least, it publicizes tens of Picasso poster projects or realisations that were designed as posters and were displayed as such, but were formally only newspaper covers. They were actually poster-sized and were posted as posters in the press-kiosks in the cities they were published.
Relevant research areas: 20th Century, Lithography, Screenprinting