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Brueghel Family: Pieter Bruegel the Elder — The Brueghel Family Database

The purpose of this website is to serve as a place where information about the artist Pieter Bruegel can be gathered, shared, and debated among scholars. It serves as a companion site to, and is meant to provide ways of furthering our understanding of how the Brueg(h)el family produced a complex body of interconnected work. The site also serves as a general resource for any visitor who is interested in the artist's works. Visitors are encouraged to explore between the two websites to investigate the relationship between the two Brueg(h)els and their works.

We have gathered and compiled this record of all known works attributed to Pieter Bruegel from various published monographs on the artist. Please note that our site is a work constantly in progress. New material is added frequently. Scholars who would like to contribute their own opinions to our discussion pages, or to use the "My Research" functions that cross both websites, should contact us to obtain a login and password.

Relevant research areas: Western Europe, Baroque