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Artists in Paris: Mapping the 18th-century Art World

Artists in Paris is the first project to map comprehensively where artistic communities, including printmakers, developed in the eighteenth-century city and offers rich scope for subsequent investigations into how these communities worked and the impact they had on art practice in the period. Yielding crucial new information and harnessing the exciting possibilities of digital humanities for art-historical research, this website is intended as a valuable resource for anyone studying or researching French art, or for anyone with an interest in the history of Paris. The artists mapped on Artists in Paris were all members of the French Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture – the Académie Royale de Peinture et de Sculpture – between 1675 and 1793.

With its two modes – Year and Artist – the website accommodates searches either by date or by person. For instance, visitors can explore where artists were living at certain moments in time, or they can select individual artists and explore all the addresses lived at across their careers. Designed to be simultaneously inviting and informative, these interactive data-enriched maps answer many questions about the Paris art world. But they are also intended as an empirical base upon which to pose new kinds of inquiries, inspiring continued explorations into networks of artistic sociability, the role of the city in art production, the geography of the art world, and urban experience more generally.
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, 18th Century, Engraving, Etching