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West Coast Woodcut: Contemporary Relief Prints by Regional Artists

Explore the natural and urban beauty, and the social worlds of the West Coast through woodcuts, linocuts and wood engravings by artists from Washington, Oregon and California. Among those featured are Oregon artists Berk Chappell, Dennis Cunningham, Erik Sandgren, Jonnel Covault, Manuel Izquierdo and Paul Gentry; Washington artist Yoshiko Yamamoto; and California artists Andrea Rich, Art Hazelwood, Daniel Gonzalez, Gordon Mortenson, Leonard Nuñez, Rik Olson and Tom Killion. The prints showcase not only the natural splendor of West Coast, but also address homelessness, migrant labor, emigration, Native fisheries, logging and environmental issues. All of the 60 works are drawn from the museum’s permanent collection.

Featured Artists:
Alexis Babayan
Berkley Chappell
Jonnel Covault
Dennis Cunningham
Chris Darr
Kristen Etmund
Paul Gentry
Leon Gilmour
Daniel González
Ronnie Goodman
Stirling Gorsuch
Art Hazelwood
Arthur Higgins
Manuel Izquierdo
Tom Killion
Álvaro D. Márquez
Gordon Mortenson
Elizabeth C. Neuman
Peter Nevins
Leonardo Nuñez
Rik Olson
Neil Peck
Roger Peet
Bill Reiswig
Andrea Rich
Erik Sandgren
Micah Schwaberow
Patrick Simon
Charlotte Van Zant-King
Monique Wales
Millie Whipplesmith Plank
Yoshiko Yamamoto
Reinaldo Gil Zambrano

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