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Wahe Movember! Scribe’s Block Impressions

Teaching fabric block printing art to the master printers of yore. Collaborative novel writing.

Description of residency program
Saint Namdev (1270 AD) made devotional compositions on Lord Vishnu. His creations are also included in the Guru Granth Sahib, the bible for the Sikh. Saint Namdev has a big following in Maharshtra state of which Mumbai is the capital.

Hundreds of members of the community of traditional weavers and block-printers from all over India arrive in Haridwar during the 1st week of November, the occasion of the birth day of Saint Namdev. The traditional block-printing, as a profession, has got extinguished about a decade ago. Now it is considered largely a work of art. Associated art forms of cloth making by handlooms and stitching are also available in Haridwar.

The relaxed month of November presents an additional good opportunity to creative – writers. A fresh cool nip in the air mixes well with the gentle river sound for sun-bathing and writing creatively.

01 Nov Saint Namdev Birthday
04 Nov Guru Nanak Birthday
14 Nov Children’s Day
16 Nov World Philosophy Day, International Day for Tolerance
21 Nov World Television Day
Nov Novel Writing Month

“Half-risen then she sent her gaze around,
As if to recover old sweet trivial threads,
Old happy thoughts, small treasured memories,
And weave them into one immortal day.”

Duration of residency
28 days or 7 days. An artist may arrive and depart before or after the specified dates so that she is able to participate for the 28 or 7 days.

Stay of a lesser or more duration is also possible.

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
365 Haridwar presents a specific cultural context and enables unlocking of associated opportunities. Every selected artist receives a customised treatment, assistance, and access to equipments and resources based on the specific individual needs and prior discussions.

Artists involved with the following disciplines are invited to apply.

* Visual Art
* Educational Programmes
* New Media
* Animation
* Printmaking
* Curatorial
* Administrative
* Film Making
* Architecture
* Sculpture
* Dance
* Textile Art
* Music
* Literature

An artist stays in one of the 3 private en-suite rooms on a single occupancy basis.

Studio/ workspace
Artists use, on a shared basis, studio spaces of one 500 sq. ft. and roof-top (2nd floor) within the premises of 365 Haridwar. The third room has its own private studio space within the room.

Within walking distance of 500 metres inside the cluster (of which 365 Haridwar is a part), there are many more options for studio space.

Fees and support
The fee details are given below.

28 days USD 1450
07 days USD 500
An artist participating for other durations pays in the relevant multiples of the amounts mentioned above.

365 Haridwar offers a grant of only USD 500 to each selected artist for a residency of 28 days. The balance amount is to be arranged by the artist concerned.

365 Haridwar works to create additional and newer sources of funding for an artist who wishes to stay for more than 28 days.
Further, newer value-adds can be looked at. 365 Haridwar provides an in kind support, based on specific situations, as if the artist is a friend and family.

One person (qualified below) per selected artist is invited to stay with the artist on a twin-sharing basis accompanying the artist. 365 Haridwar offers a 50% discount to the following kinds of accompanying persons. * child of age between 6 and 12 * senior citizen * person with managed infirmity * person with disability 365 Haridwar doesn’t have a prior experience of receiving a person with disability. The premises have not be reviewed with a disability angle. Still, the largest room at the ground floor can be made available to an accompanied person with disability. Though nestled amidst forests, river, and mountains, Haridwar town is semi-rural. The terrain in the cluster is largely plain, except for the areas proximal to Ganges.
Relevant research areas: South Asia, Contemporary, Relief printing

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