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Village Enlightenment: Print Culture in Rural Vermont, 1810-1860

Featured in this exhibition are engravings, maps, and books published and/or illustrated by the “Greenbush Group,” a small circle of artisans, entrepreneurs, and printmaker/publishers from Windsor County, Vermont. Led by James Wilson, the first globe maker in America, and Isaac Eddy, who established a print shop in the tiny hamlet of Greenbush around 1810, the “Greenbush Group” also included Oliver Tarbell Eddy, Ebenezer Hutchinson, Moody Morse Peabody, Lewis Robinson, and George White. Together these artisan-entrepreneurs served a widespread and growing interest in rural New England for printed matter that spread scientific, religious, and cultural knowledge throughout the hinterlands during the development of the American Republic.
Relevant research areas: North America, 19th Century, Engraving

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