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Conservation Enclosures (March 2018) & Tunnel Books (April 2018)

"Conservation Enclosures"
Dates: 3/17/2018 - 3/18/2018

Protective enclosures can serve as an extension of the books you create, enhance their presentation, and provide an additional surface where one can customize the box to reflect the contents. In this class you will learn to make the same archival-grade enclosures used by the Library of Congress. You will also learn alternatives to the clamshell box, a case wrapper and a self-closing wrapper. Discussion will center on conservation principles and the importance of archives. For the book artist, librarian and collector. No experience required.

For this class, most materials are included, but please bring the following with you to each class. Tools marked with a star (*) are available for purchase at the time your class starts and tools marked with (+) are in our communal shop.


Cutting tool such as Olfa snap blades (strongly preferred)
Bone Folder*
1″ glue brush*
Self Healing Mat (no smaller that 12 in)+
a metal ruler+
small scissors+
9 in plastic or metal triangle
pencil and eraser

Also have these types of books to build enclosures for:

A soft cover book (paperback) – max ¾” thick and size 5″ x 8″
A small book – can be soft or hardcover – max 1’thick and size 4” x 7”
A hard cover book for the phase box, minimum of 1″ thick. W and H should not be larger than 8.5″ x 11″

Tuition: $325 members / $350 non-members


"Tunnel Books"
Dates: 4/21/2018 - 4/22/2018

A tunnel book is a wonderful structure that allows the viewer to look within and discover a hidden world, which evolves in accumulated layers. Originally derived from a “peep” show, it still feels that we are allowed to gaze within a personal space. The class will begin with a short history and then make a model to understand how the structure moves and is constructed. Each participant will then create their own unique tunnel book.

Maria G. Pisano is a book artist, curator and educator. Her oeuvre, encompassing prints, works on paper and artists’ books, are published under the Memory Press imprint. She has exhibited nationally and internationally, in museums and galleries. Her book Hècatombe 9-11 and the three accompanying prints from the deluxe edition – Night Before the Day, Skeletal Remains and Waiting Urns, have been selected by The National September 11 Memorial Museum. In April 2016 she delivered the illustrated lecture Hidden Voice of Making Books at the Library of Congress, and in 2018 she is delivering a lecture at the College Book Arts Association Conference.

Tuition: $325 members / $350 non-members.

Relevant research areas: North America, Contemporary, Book arts

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