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Touring Belgium: A Nation’s Patrimony in Print, ca. 1795-1914 (Ghent, 23 Nov 2018)

The Department of Architecture and Urban Planning at Ghent University and the Chair for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta, D-ARCH) at ETH Zürich co-organise a study day exploring notions of Belgium's nascent patrimony over the course of the long nineteenth century. Particular emphasis is on the architectural heritage and the ways in which different printed media - from travel reports and albums to city guides and newspapers - contributed to activating this patrimony in Belgium and beyond. 'Touring Belgium. A Nation's Patrimony in Print, ca. 1795-1914' thus explores the ways in which this printed mediation of a nascent architectural and artistic patrimony affect the way historical artefacts were preserved, transformed, collected, viewed and experienced by both 'Belgians' and their French, British and German neighbors.

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08:45 Coffee

09:15 Introduction by prof. Maarten Delbeke (ETH Zürich) and prof. Maarten Liefooghe (Ghent University)

Paper Session I, chaired by prof. Mari Hvattum (The Oslo School of Architecture and Design)

09:30 Ellen Van Impe: Printing and collecting architectural history in
Belgium (1830-1860)

10:00 David Peleman: The reproduction of 'La Belgique Industrielle (1852-1855)'. An imaginary tour through books, articles and drawings

10:30 Coffee

11:00 Josephine Hoegaerts: Patrimony through children’s eyes: School
excursions in Belgium in the second half of the nineteenth century

11:30 Stefan Huygebaert: Picture Perfect Postcards? Duality in Alexandre
Hannotiau’s Picture Postcard Series “Brugge/ Bruges”(1900)

12:00 Joint discussion: Responses from PriArc researchers Maude Bass-Krueger and Miranda Critchley

12:30 Lunch

14:00 Keynote lecture* by prof. Tom Verschaffel (KULeuven)

14:45 Coffee

Paper Session II, chaired by prof. Babara Penner (The Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL)

15:15 Henrik Karge: Karl Schnaase’s “Niederländische Briefe” (1834) - An art historical journey through Belgium in the year of Revolution (1830)

15:45 Juliet Simpson: Portable Belgium: Imaging/Writing the Nineteenth-Century Northern Art Tour – from Nation to Alterity

16:15 Willem Bekers: Michelin’s illustrated guide to the battlefields of the Yser and the Belgian coast (1920): Guidebook or field manual?

16:45 Refreshments

17:00 Joint discussion: Responses from PriArc researchers Eirik Arff Gulseth Bøhn, Nikolaos Magouliotis & Ben Vandenput

17:30 Concluding remarks

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