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The world of printmaking—a unique, rich method of artistic expression of transferring images with plates—while developing with unique characteristics by country or region, has evolved to incorporate reciprocal influences resulting in the diverse histories and techniques that exist in printmaking today.
Tama Art University has organized Tokyo International Mini-Print Triennial five times since 1995 with the aims of showing the world's latest contemporary prints and collecting scholarly data on materials, techniques, and expressions of printmaking. Taking advantage of an innate characteristic of printmaking, the project began from the idea that "any applicant can participate in this exhibition from anywhere in the world by sending a print by mail" with the size prescribed as within 29.7 cm x 21 cm. This event has come to draw great attention as an art university organized international open exhibition. For this sixth edition, we accepted digital expressions to encourage participation from the widest global range of artists as possible, and received 1,927 entries from 94 countries and districts. With the advancements in technical progress, the concept of printmaking has been greatly expanded. From the large number of submission, we have selected 324 works and 19 award-winning pieces from among them.

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