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The Velocity of a Page (Online Exhibition)

The Velocity of a Page is a cross section of contemporary practices in book arts and publishing. The book as an object, as a practice, and as a place wields a specific gravity. The books and publications on display are experiments in art-making. They are tools to build and support communities. They are spaces held for individuals and documents of experience. This multifaceted world reveals a nuanced and complicated view of what it means to publish and what it means to distribute ideas and art via objects that are held, open, and explored by hand.

This cross-platform exhibition, curated by Christopher Kardambikis, pulls together books, zines, publications, and book-ish objects by contemporary artists and publishers from across the United States. Extending across both GRACE’s website and social media platforms, The Velocity of a Page seeks to engage with a kaleidoscopic view of the web as a way to focus on the various facets of each artist and/or publisher’s practice.

The exhibition website is organized in loose categories for ease of exploration. These categories do not have rigid boundaries as each artist or publisher can, and does, occupy multiple spaces simultaneously. Follow the links for more information and to see more books by all of our featured artists and publishers.
Relevant research areas: North America, Contemporary

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