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The Interstices of Print: APS-Sponsored Panel at CAA


Sarah Bane
University of California, Santa Barbara

Michelle Donnelly
Yale University


- Francesca Kaes (University of Oxford)
"Like a Print: Alexander Cozens’s Inkblots as Interstitial Objects"

- Courtney Wilder (Metropolitan Museum of Art)
"The Interstices of Adaptation: Lithography, Textile Printing, and the Aesthetics of Commercial Expansion around 1820"

- Melissa Trafton (College of the Holy Cross)
"Located in the Block 6E Recreation Hall Barrack: The Silk Screen Shop at Amache"

- Gemma Sharpe (Sarah Lawrence College)
"Graphic Intimacies: Sadequain Naqvi and the Artist’s Book (1966-1971)"


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