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Tara Donovan

Pace Prints is pleased to present an exhibition of new editions and a sculptural work by Tara Donovan at its 32 East 57th Street gallery. The exhibition will run May 9—June 27, concurrent with Tara Donovan at Pace Gallery’s 57th Street location, with a joint opening reception for both exhibitions Friday, May 8, 6-8pm.

The exhibition unveils a new series of prints, created in tandem with the artist’s ongoing investigation of Slinkys® as a sculptural material. In an iteration of this exploration of form, the Slinkys® are deconstructed and refashioned to project two-dimensionally along the flat surface of a wall, forming meandering and layered patterns that expand or contract depending on the given spatial conditions.

Using the same method of construction, unique printmaking matrices of Slinkys® are produced and inked using an airbrush. An edition of large-scale, black and white relief prints are made from each matrix.
Relevant research areas: North America, Contemporary, Relief printing

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