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Summer Choices: A Group Exhibition

Every summer, Crown Point Press presents a unique seasonal group exhibition highlighting a
wide selection of prints. The works on view in Summer Choices range in medium from a hand
painted drypoint (Pat Steir’s Hand Painted Lily #3) to woodblock prints made in Japan and China
(Portrait with Scissors and Nightclub by David Salle and Janis Provisor’s China Mainland) and
colorful aquatints like Fly Away by Al Held and CPP10 by Leonardo Drew.

“Spontaneous associations can happen when unlikely works are hung next to one another,”
Crown Point Director Valerie Wade recently said. Each gallery wall is installed with a
different thematic grouping of prints, creating visual vignettes that lead the viewer from one
idea to the next in walking through the exhibition. One wall features Pendulum by abstract
painter Patricia Treib paired with representational painter William Bailey’s small black and
white still life, Stradina. Pendulum’s colorful abstract shapes are organized in a shallow space
and mirror the elegant domesticity of Stradina. Another wall features Pliss by Pia Fries and
Nightpack by Charline von Heyl. The rhythmic gestures and crepe-like towers in Pliss speak to
the anthropomorphic shape that swirls around in Nightpack. More straightforward is a wall of
figurative etchings by Marcel Dzama, Jockum Nordstrom, Laura Owens and David Salle (see
below). A mountainous landscape by Wayne Thiebaud and a colorful waterfall by Chris Ofili
are the first prints to welcome the gallery visitor. Summer Choices: A Group Exhibition is on view
in the Crown Point Gallery until the end of August 2022. Gallery hours are Monday through
Friday, 9-5.
Relevant research areas: 20th Century, Contemporary, Etching

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