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Southwest Print Fiesta

The Southwest Print Fiesta is a weekend-long celebration of all things PRINT! Our goal is to build community among printmakers throughout the southwestern United States and Mexico, to foster connections and partnerships with printmakers outside of the region, and to engage with our local community in Silver City, New Mexico through the diverse and accessible language of print.

We strive to promote and advance printmaking through public outreach, educational opportunities, collaborative projects, resource sharing, artist talks, exhibitions, print sales, and community conversation.

We believe in print as a democratic artform, and we aim to serve and support printmakers of all kinds, from the traditional to the radical, formally-trained or self-taught. We offer opportunities for established artists interested in advancing their practices, as well as a platform for new, emerging voices to join in the conversation. We believe that we are all simultaneously teachers and students, and we are committed to building a non-competitive, non-hierarchical community, open to everyone interested in learning about, engaging with, and advancing the medium of print.
Relevant research areas: North America, Contemporary

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