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SGCI 2021 Virtual Event: MakeReady

April 10th and 11th, 2021 • Online Event

Necessity drives the evolution of new technology; the current pandemic forced us to rapidly embrace virtual engagement on a large scale. The need for social distancing has impacted every facet of our lives and challenges the notion of printmaking as a cooperative process.

SGCI released MakeReady as a social platform for its membership—allowing members to share ideas, resources and collaborate on projects and create an online community that exists to produce accessible information for current and future printmakers exceeding even international limitations and drive the content for the organization. Programming developed for this conference will be hosted by SGCI long term and made accessible for members as we rethink SGCI’s digital capabilities.

Join us in launching SGCI’s online programming and celebrate the internal changes within the organization made to better serve the membership.

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