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Richard Tuttle: Both/And Richard Tuttle Print and Cloth

The Fabric Workshop and Museum (FWM) proudly presents the Philadelphia premiere of Both/And Richard Tuttle Print and Cloth. This unique, mulitfaceted installation of over five decades of work—from the mid-1960s to present—was conceived by Richard Tuttle, offering one of the most comprehensive experiences ever of this influential, contemporary American artist, who has a long history of collaboration with FWM, beginning in 1978 shortly after the Museum was founded by Artistic Director Marion Boulton Stroud. This installation will feature work from Tuttle’s two landmark textile and print surveys that originated in 2014: “Richard Tuttle: I Don’t Know . The Weave of Textile Language,” organized by Whitechapel Gallery in association with Tate Modern, London; and “Richard Tuttle: A Print Retrospective,” Bowdoin College Museum of Art, Maine, as well as the international premiere of new kimono work by the artist.

Currently an Artist-in-Residence at FWM, Tuttle’s new kimono work Extraordinary from this 2014-2015 residency will be on view in this major exhibition. The hand-sewn yukatas, or summer kimonos, are made of Sarashi cloth, a traditional Japanese cotton fabric. There are two editions of 20 plus 4 artist proofs, one for men and one for woman. The design and pattern in this edition of new work are Chusen dyed, a traditional Japanese method of dyeing using stencil paper, by Miyamoto Co., Ltd., in Osaka, Japan. The pattern in the woman’s yukata design is rotated 90 degrees when compared with the man’s design. As Tuttle stated in a conversation with the FWM studio staff, “By changing direction of the bars, dynamic energy is achieved.”

An exhibition brochure with an introduction by Marion Boulton Stroud, and contributions by FWM’s Artistic Advisor Mark Rosenthal and Curators Magnus af Petersens and Christina von Rotenhan, accompanies Tuttle’s dynamic work, which exists in the space between painting, sculpture, poetry, assemblage, drawing, and printmaking. The brochure checklist will pair the works of art on view with poems by the artist that are directly inspired by his pieces.
Relevant research areas: North America, 20th Century

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