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Residency Non-Toxic Electro-Etching Workshop (Canary Islands, Spain)

The artists will take part in the process of electro-etching carried out by the specialist Crujera.

Description of residency program
An opportunity to take part in recent experiences in the process of electro-etching carried out by the artist and specialist Alfonso Crujera. The residency-workshop is located in the vicinity of the biosphere reserve of the island of Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). With excellent views to the Atlantic Ocean is surrounded by a quiet, natural environment, ideal for reflection and creation.

Since 2002 the artist Alfonso Crujera has been working in this workshop introducing printmakers to the process of nontoxic etching. Today, the classic technique of intaglio engraving has been updated and reinvigorated by electrolytic etching, making the process of etching and engraving safer and ecologically sound while providing a wider range of expressive qualities and innovative possibilities on graphical effects. The use of this technique is simple and not necessarily expensive. The wide range of technical possibilities enables printmakers to develop their skills within and continuing their art process.

The personal assistance as well as the friendly and family-like atmosphere including visits to the local contemporary art centres creates a pleasant work-friendly atmosphere.

Duration of residency
From two weeks to one month

Disciplines, work equipment and assistance
Printmaking, Visual art

The necessary equipment to etch wil be provided at the workshop

Private apartment with kitchen - Free Internet Conneciton - Art library

Studio/ workspace
From the naturally lit workshop, which measures 70m2, you can enjoy the magnificent panorama of the sea and surrounding farmland.

The workshop is private and available to the resident artists 24 hours a day.

Fees and support
This information by e-mail:

The artists must secure their own funding. The residency is happy to assist artists seeking grants by providing a letter of invitation.

Expectations towards the artist
Order and cleaning - Donation of an Artwork

Application information
For applying you should send us: - Curriculum Vitae / Resume - A letter describing your interest in the Electro-etching Workshop Residency. - Visual documentation of recent work (10 jpg images)
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, Contemporary, Etching

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