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Remote Contact: A Virtual Symposium for Printmaking Students

Remote Contact is a student-led virtual printmaking symposium intended to provide a forum for students in printmaking. During this global pandemic, many of us are cut off from our friends and colleagues in the printmaking world. “Contact” is essential to printmaking – whether it is the contact that takes place between the inked matrix and a sheet of paper, or the ways that the printed multiple fosters contact with fellow artists and the public more broadly. Even as we cannot meet in person, our social need for contact is at the core of printmaking and our experience as humans. With “remote” technologies we can still make contact while ensuring public health and safety. During our current health crisis, this virtual printmaking symposium seeks to help students make artistic, cultural, technical, philosophical, and creative contacts with one another.

The symposium will bring together a tremendous variety of current and recent students, from undergraduates to PhDs from Australia, Canada, South Africa, the United Kingdom, and the United States. The symposium will be free of charge, but will be limited to 300 attendees.

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