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Rembrandt’s Greatest Prints

Explore in close detail three of the greatest prints by one of the most important printmakers in history: Rembrandt’s The Hundred Guilder Print (1648), The Three Crosses (1653), and Ecce Homo (1655). Discover what was new and special about these prints and examine how and why Rembrandt manipulated the market in unusual ways, especially at a time of increasing financial desperation in his life.

Presented by Paul Crenshaw, associate professor of Art History, Providence College, and president, Historians of Netherlandish Art, this lecture is the third session of the MFA's multi-session course "Why Rembrandt?" (September 25–October 23, 2019). Tickets are required; attendees may take the full five-week course or choose one or more lectures of interest.

Relevant research areas: Baroque, Etching

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