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An exciting group of local and national printmakers have been assembled to share relief prints full of joy, fun, and beauty. RELIEF is a show of meticulously crafted prints that evoke escapism. The show’s title is an intentional word play on the style of work and also what the exhibit hopes to provide during a period of extreme stress and anxiety.

While the exhibition is focused on relief printmaking, the works vary widely. The scale ranges from the notecard-sized block print Party Coyote by Heather O’Hara to the 43 x 30” reduction woodcut Whisper and Wait by Jun Lee. The techniques are diverse as well and include linoblock prints from Nick Martinez, Vandercook-printed work from Heather O’Hara, hybrid digital/analog prints by Santo Press, and relief reduction prints (aka “suicide” printmaking) from Robert Lindsay. Additionally, installation is varied, from traditionally framed and matted works to the more free-form installations of Melissa Harshman and Daniella Napolitano. While RELIEF is full of beauty and levity, do not mistake the work for fluff; the approach is quite serious.

For more information and to view the exhibition virtually please visit the external link below.

Relevant research areas: North America, Contemporary, Relief printing

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