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Rare and Everywhere: Prints by Rembrandt and His Contemporaries in 17th-Century Holland

Rembrandt was one of the most creative printmakers of his day, at work in Amsterdam, a bustling city that had become the center of the European print trade.

This talk by Nadine Orenstein, Drue Heinz Curator in Charge of the Department of Drawings and Prints at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, will look at the wonderful world of printmaking in Holland in the seventeenth century where some prints could be rare works of art while many more were part of the everyday material culture.

Join us for a reception in the Milwaukee Art Museum's Schroeder Galleria following the lecture.

Lecture Sponsor:
Milwaukee Art Museum’s Print Forum

Reception Sponsor:
Milwaukee Art Museum’s Fine Arts Society
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, Baroque, Engraving, Etching

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