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Que Conste / For The Record

An international exhibition about translation, recording, and printmaking by eight multidisciplinary artists from Oaxaca, Mexico.

POCOAPOCO’s new exhibition hosted at Highpoint Center for Printmaking features work by eight Oaxacan artists whose varying mediums and perspectives demonstrate the critical and widespread presence of printmaking in Oaxaca, Mexico. Utilizing print as an opportunity to unite their practice and artistic voices, the artists in this exhibition connect around a shared desire to critique and communicate the rapid transformations of their territory, city, and home. Que Conste / For the Record challenges the limits of the medium stemming from possibilities provided by language, playing with the translation and definitions of print from English (printmaking - an artistic process) to Spanish (grabado - recorded or engraved).

Artwork for the show includes a combination of art styles that merge traditional techniques of printmaking with the artists’ various mediums, such as sculpture, pottery, drawing, painting, and performance. The exhibition is free and open to the public. Artists will be traveling to Highpoint Center for Printmaking for the exhibition and will join us for the opening reception.

Opening reception: June 17th | 7–9:00 PM

Relevant research areas: Contemporary

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