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Pulse, Video

“Pulse 2019” is a video contemplating the human condition. The intertwined evolution of humans in the environment, and the existence of communities both in the physical sense as well as in broader social and political sense. Throughout history, humans have also left their mark in their environment at times remarkable monuments and at times remnants reclaimed by natural elements.

In the words of the artist, “I would hope to encourage self-observation, in the context of broader surroundings and the environment. It takes a good measure of humbleness to fully comprehend one’s state and obligations, in light of corresponding relationships with others. It is pertinent, in my opinion, to exercise sufficient modesty and respect to the environment and society, our critical habitat”.

The video also focuses on the use of varied media combining drawing, woodcut, rubbing, carved wood panels and structures. Woodcuts are spoon printed on large custom-made sheets of paper. Panels of paper are hung adjacent to carved wood panels. A grid of warmer wooden matrices and cooler white prints and rubbing matching materials and their morphology as well as depicted content.

Pulse 2019, is inspired by the recent installation at the Wilfrid Israel Museum including three large works: Aurora, Laver and Doubt.

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