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Publication beyond Print: A Leverhulme Doctoral Centre

Applications are sought for funded doctoral scholarships at the University of Oxford on specified topics, across various disciplines, as part of a Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Centre on the theme of Publication beyond Print. The Leverhulme Trust Doctoral Scholars will pursue doctoral research under the guidance of individual supervisors in various Faculties. The Scholars will also take part in shared training events and seminars dedicated to interdisciplinary reflection on that theme. There will be three cohorts of students, admitted in 2018, 2019 and 2020.

The Leverhulme Doctoral Centre Publication beyond Print will challenge the dominance of the printed word in the study of human culture and society, by examining other media used before, alongside and after print. It will question the assumptions that self-expression, political community and intellectual progress are best served by printing. To do so, it will range across both historical media (some still in use), such as inscriptions and handwriting, and new digital media. In this way, it will ask how past methods of publication without print help us to understand future ones, and how emerging technology helps us to think about cultural history. It will bring students of communication into dialogue across differences of time, language, discipline and technology, from the humanities to social sciences.

For admission in the first cohort, from October 2018, ten topics are offered for study. Of those ten, five will be funded this year, depending on the applications received. Applications are now sought for the following topics:

Faculty of Classics ------
― From pre-print to post-print: transformations in (the study of) epigraphic culture [DPhil in Ancient History]
― Publication and Public Space in Ancient Greece [DPhil in Ancient History]
― ‘Publication’, papyri, and literary texts: process and presentation [DPhil in Classical Languages and Literature]

Faculty of English ------
― Eighteenth-century English theatre [DPhil in English]
― Beyond Print Literacy: UNESCO and Intangible Heritage [DPhil in English]
― Faculty of Medieval and Modern Languages & Faculty of History
― The Reformation Beyond Print: Manuscript in the Revolutionary City [candidates are requested to apply for the DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages]

Faculty of Medieval andModern Languages -----
― Latin American Poetry: Beyond the Page [DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages]
― Under Pressure. Women Commissioning Manuscripts in a Time of Print [DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages]
― Bohemia in East Germany: Samizdat in the GDR 1980-1990 [DPhil in Medieval and Modern Languages]

Faculty of Oriental Studies -----
― The Vedas: the Once and Future Scriptless Texts [DPhil in Oriental Studies]

The scholarships will cover tuition fees, colleges fees and provide a living allowance at Research Council rates. Candidates from all backgrounds are welcome to apply, although the Leverhulme Trust has a preference for supporting Home/EU candidates. Applications will open from Monday, 19 February. Applicants must apply by midday on Friday 9 March 2018 using the graduate application form available at:

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