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Printmaking in Scotland in the 18th Century

This conference will explore the rich world of printmaking and its development in Scotland in the 18th Century. While a good deal of research exists on printmaking in England there is very little on the relationships between artists, printmakers, publishers and collectors in Scotland.

Besides contributions on the work of individual artists, we seek in particular to explore the development of a market for prints. We invite papers on all aspects of the subject, but we are especially interested in contributions that will address the following questions:

- Who were the engravers and etchers, the teachers, publishers, dealers, collectors of prints and suppliers of materials?
- How was the print trade between Scotland, London and the continent supported?
- Were there printmakers working outside Edinburgh and Glasgow?
- Where could artists see the work of other printmakers?
- What kind of prints were they making: landscapes and prospects,
antiquities, portraits, satires, drawing manuals, book illustrations and book plates, trade cards?
- In what ways did prints contribute to the 'discovery' of Scotland, the Jacobite cause?

To submit a proposal for a 20-minute presentation, please send an abstract not exceeding 300 words and a one-page CV to:

A selection of papers will be edited for publication by the conference organisers.

For further details, contact: Ann Gunn, School of Art History, University of St Andrews:
Relevant research areas: Western Europe, 18th Century

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