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Print and Space as One, in Celebrating Print Magazine’s April Issue

The new issue of Celebrating Print magazine, Print and Space as One, explores printmaking as an art discipline that provides opportunities for intimate sensorial interplays as well as for orchestrated performances. Contributing art historians, curators and artists expand upon notions of print in relation to space by examining processual endeavors (Darko Glavan: Fortuity of Making and Print Tradition in Josip Butkovic’s Practice); investigating the kinetics of a crowd in flux (Katerina Kyselica: Jan Mericka’s Screen Printed Transcriptions of Human Motion); challenging the physical border that divides the front and back of a print (Mario Causic: Print and Space as an Enduring Challenge in Three Rooms); balancing precarious actions across the boundary between illusion and materiality (Eva Nikolova: 21 Fragments of Yesterday and Tomorrow); and discovering a parallel expression in printmaking techniques (Katerina Kyselica: For Dusan Kallay, Everything Relates to Everything Else).

Spotlight, a category showcasing an artist’s work from a private or public collection (Emily O’Leary: Vincent Hloznik’s Dreams), premiers in this edition. An essay that lays a claim to the artist’s book’s omnipresence in contemporary art is also included (Dorota Folga-Januszewska: A Subconscious Key to Ordering the World: The Artist’s Book in Poland).

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Celebrating Print is a full-color, biannual publication about fine art print and printmaking practice in Central and Eastern Europe. Curators, scholars and printmaking educators contribute articles, essays and interviews that profile modern and contemporary print across the region. Celebrating Print was founded as an information platform for collectors, scholars and print enthusiasts to navigate the culture of Central and Eastern European print as well as discover works by present-day creators that reflect the region’s rich tradition. Launched in 2015, the magazine is published in October and April in both print and digital format.

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