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Presentation Prints of the Woodcut Society, 1932–1954

This exhibition features the Birger Sandzén Memorial Gallery's complete set of 44 Woodcut Society presentation prints in original letterpress folders. Stemming from an interest in collecting hand-printed bookplates, in 1932 Kansas City grain merchant
Alfred Fowler (1889–1959) established the Woodcut Society with the sole aim of increasing “interest in
fine woodcuts as a medium of artistic expression.” He planned to commission and publish two new
woodcut prints each year, proposing a subscription-based organization limited to 200 members who, for
$10 in dues per year, would receive the woodcuts mounted in a presentation folder printed by the Torch
Press of Cedar Rapids. As the Woodcut Society was primarily geared toward print collectors, and
“intended to be savored in the intimate setting of one’s private library,” the folders each opened to the
print facing a page essay by a noted print authority or penned by the artist.

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Relevant research areas: North America, 20th Century, Relief printing

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