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Platemark, a Podcast about Art and Ideas

Introducing a new podcast called Platemark, a Podcast about Art and Ideas, with Ann Shafer and Ben Levy.

In season one over eight episodes, Ann and Ben and talk about issues facing the artworld with a focus on museums, curatorial work, critiques and studio visits, value (market and conceptual), redefining the art historical canon, and prints, printmaking, print fairs, and print publishing.

Our goal is to share our thoughts on the state of the sector including issues of decolonization and social justice, what it meant to us to be able to teach young artists in the print study room, why prints are the best, and how we did what we did. These conversations are meant to demystify the idea of the curator in the white tower and the museum as an imposing marble edifice.

To listen, please visit the external link below.


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