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Piranesi – Reiter – Fletcher

The exhibition is titled: "Piranesi - Reiter - Fletcher: Reiz de Ruine" and features works from the museum's extensive Piranesi collection, paired with prints by German printmaker Robert Reiter (born 1932) and American printmaker Kevin Fletcher (born 1956). The exhibition, which consists of 60 drawings, prints, and photographs, runs from November 10 through December 28, 2019. A 117-page catalogue will be available. Spellbound by Piranesi are the contemporary graphic artists Robert Reiter (* 1932) and Kevin Fletcher (* 1956). This results in surprising alternating conditions, starting from the remains of prominent antique architecture with its magical aesthetics (Reiter) to the attraction of anonymous industrial ruins (Fletcher). Around 60 drawings, prints and photographs from four and a half centuries promise an exciting journey through ruinous spaces and times.

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