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Picasso d’après les maîtres. L’influence de l’art ancien dans les estampes de Picasso

This exhibition is organized by the Bibliothèque nationale de France and gathers prints by Pablo Picasso, that were inspired by Old Masters.

Picasso is considered to be the artist who shifted Western art into modernity, and he was perceived by many of his contemporaries to also have destroyed tradition. Yet despite his innovations, Picasso continued to draw inspiration from the past. He frequently cited Old Masters that he admired, not only in painting, but also in engraving, often using print as a kind of logbook with which to record his various sources of inspiration, among which older art traditions held an important place. Picasso frequented galleries and museums throughout his life in order to be inspired by the paintings of his illustrious predecessors.

The exhibition will feature works from the collections of the BnF Prints and Photography Department, and will highlight the ongoing dialogue between Picasso's prints and Old Masters from the past, including Rembrandt, Goya , Ingres and Manet.

The exhibition will travel to the following venues:
- Akita Senshu Museum of Art (April 21-June 3, 2018)
- Fukui Prefectural Museum of Fine Art (July 14-September 2, 2018)
- Museum Eki Kyoto (September 7-October 8, 2018)
- Niigata City Art Museum (November 8-December 16, 2018)
- Minami Alps City Museum of Art, Yamanashi (January 9-February 11, 2019)

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