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Over you / you

The title of the 31st Biennial of Graphic Arts Over you / you is copied from a quick note in the corner of a drawing by Martin Kippenberger. It seems like an unsolved equation or supposition indicating the instability of the image that can be reproduced. The Biennial explores how the techniques of reproduction are used by visual artists as strategies for communication and circulation. At the same time it investigates the potential of what can be endlessly copied, focusing on the countless possible ways of understanding the concept of reproduction. The Biennial focuses on the artist who resists the completeness and uniqueness of the work of art with “antisingularity”. This is achieved by the contemporary practices that relate to the history of extreme dispersion. The moving image is fundamental to our contemporary information economy. Placing the image into motion as it collides with the fixed framework of the printed or marked surface establishes a delicate balance of forces between the artworks. This instability is reflected in the concept of the exhibition that seeks to resist linearity and conclusion, instead reflecting the creative process of the participating artists by emphasizing the non-logical and associative.

Curated by Nicola Lees
Associate Curators Stella Bottai and Laura Mclean-Ferris

The Thirty-first Biennial of Graphic Arts concists of:
the main exhibition Over you / you (on display at the International Centre of Graphic Arts, the Museum of Modern Art, Tivoli Park, Jakopič Promenade, National and University Library, Kresija Gallery), the traditional exhibition by the award-winner, María Elena González (on display in the Gallery of Cankarjev dom).

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