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Open Call: Unfinished: New Prints 2022/Winter

IPCNY is very excited to be bringing Queer.Archive.Work’s perspective as the jury of the 65th iteration of New Prints with the theme Unfinished.

“Capitalism rewards perfection—as defined by those in power. This is especially true in the art world, where the demand for smooth resolution and predictability creates unsustainable standards for what (and who) is allowed to be considered "successful." Artists are too often judged along values centered on heteronormativity and white supremacy: easily reproducible results, collectability, exceptionalism, and the illusion of meritocracy.

New Prints 2022/Winter invites submissions that directly challenge the traditional values of polish and perfection. This loose theme of unfinished might include ideas about incompleteness, rawness, messiness, illegibility, risk, vulnerability, non-linearity, collectivism, care, queerness, non-normativity, and other concepts that push back against capitalism's relentless drive towards market-based success. This could also include actual work-in-progress, abandoned work, failed work, process, or work that is simply unfinished due to any of the myriad aspects and conditions experienced while living and working during crisis—the radical turbulence of racial injustice, police brutality, class inequity, global pandemic, and climate emergency.”

- Applicants of all backgrounds are welcome to apply; work that speaks to the experiences of QTBIPOC folks is encouraged.
- Works submitted should consider the theme Unfinished as laid out in Queer.Archive.Work's description above. Each artwork submitted will require a brief written statement, which can address how the work is related to this theme.
- Works must have been completed within 12 months of the beginning of the open call. (Works created before September of 2020 are NOT eligible.)
- Artists who have exhibited in New Prints within the past 2 years (New Prints 2020/Winter, 2020/Summer, 2021/Winter, and 2021/Summer) may NOT submit their work for consideration.
- Editioned prints, unique printed works, printed installations, print-based artist’s books, print-based animations, risograph printing, mixed media works including print, and ephemeral formats are eligible.
- Photography or direct reproductions of other artworks, such as drawings or paintings, are NOT eligible.
- There is no maximum for work dimensions, though as IPCNY has limited wall space, size comes into play in the jurying process.
- Open internationally, no nationality requirements.
- Artists may submit up to 3 works. Publishers and presses may submit up to 3 artists, with 3 works per artist.


- Images should be in jpeg format, 72 dpi with the longest dimension a maximum of 2,000 pixels OR less than 1MB.
- Animations or other videos may be submitted as MP4, MOV, or FLV files. Please compress video files to be a manageable size.
- Each file should be named as follows: artist's last name_first name_entry number. (For example: smith_john_01.jpg, smith_john_02.jpg, etc.)

For any questions, contact Megan Duffy at

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