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Off the Walls, Into Your Home: A Print Collecting Primer (Virtual Event)

How does someone start collecting art? When is a print an original work of art? The happy confluence of two events offer a prime opportunity to explore these questions. At the Blanton, the exhibition Off the Walls: Gifts from Professor John A. Robertson celebrates the voracious eye of one print aficionado. From January 15 to February 15, 2021, the exhibition coincides with the annual fair organized by PrintAustin, an artist-led nonprofit organization working to showcase traditional and contemporary approaches in printmaking. Together, these shows spotlight the incredible richness that prints have to offer—both technically and aesthetically. In advance of PrintAustin’s February 6th fine art print fair, PrintExpo, Annalise Gratovich and Pepe Coronado, two artist leaders on PrintAustin’s board, will offer their insights on contemporary printmaking, publishing, and collecting. Genevra Higginson, a co-curator of Off the Walls and Curatorial Assistant for Prints and Drawings, will host the discussion. Join them for a dive into the wonderful world of prints.

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